Nigel Stewart D-Day lectures

After 15 years of work giving guided tours along the D-Day sites in Normandy, my work in this field is now evolving into lecture presentations about the tipping point of World War Two that was “Operation Overlord”, the largest combined Airborne and Amphibious assault in history, on June 6th 1944.


One thought on “Nigel Stewart D-Day lectures

  1. nigelnormandy Post author

    Thanks Richard. Germany looks to the future. Berlin has a very interesting memorial at the ‘Bender Block’ to Claus Von Stauffenberg and the Black Orchestra plot. You’ll also find lots of memorials across Germany, but I would be very surprised to find WWII magazines selling well there. If you are in Munich, my paintings to the White Rose resistance group are in the history faculty building, I think the library.



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